June 16, 2020

Dear Community,

Unofficial notes from School Board meeting last night.

Actions passed:
*Replacing both sets of basketball uniforms
*Trading in the tractor lawnmower for a new version
*Mondo Board – Mrs. Rick will be getting one to try out this year, then eventually phase out Smart Boards for Mondo Boards over 5 years
*Give 4.3% raise to paras and cooks
*Meal delivery will continue in July for Monday – Friday
*New podium (with sound system) for events, assemblies, graduation
*Approved to spend up to $42,000 on a newer suburban
*Passed 3 new policies pertaining to COVID-19 (2 were required)
*Accepted the school board election votes – Jordon Hawbaker will remain on and Shayla Ryberg will take over Rollie Dalin’s  position
*$300 Wellness Benefit was passed for Certified Staff
*Chromebooks for 1:1 ratio
*Due to Covid, the plan would be tutoring 4 days a week after school
* New tires for mini-bus
* Covid supplies for next school year
*form B for sports physicals this year
*Superintendent contract renewed for 2 years with no changes to salary
*voter approved to continue to publish minutes in Burke County Tribune
*2010 Suburban, plainer, and saw    out for bids, bids will be opened at next school board meeting – July 14, 7pm
Have a nice day.