April 16, 2020

To our BC family,

We, as teachers, would like to thank our parents that are in the trenches of homeschooling.  We appreciate all your time and effort in this difficult time.

Thank you to our staff for the hard work and dedication to educate our students by providing materials for our parents.

Special thanks to Miss Carrie, Mr. Johnson, and Miss Rosie for delivering meals and pick up/drop off of homework.  Your help is greatly appreciated

Also a special thanks to Amanda and Cathy for making our meals everyday.  They are doing a great job coming up with different meals to change up the menu.  They are taking the time to ask staff for any ideas.  They are trying to do something better everyday.

Special thanks to the Burke Central School Board, for donating Easter candy. Also Mrs. O’Neil for the use of your bunny suit.

Thank you to the Lindblads for the donation of their stimulus check.   They used it to buy gift certificates from the 109 Steakhouse and Jason’s Super Foods.  Please continue to support all of our small business in our school district.

Sorry if we missed anyone,  we appreciate all of you.

Have a great day!!